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Deathsythe attacks

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The Scream of the Butterfly
      In a mystical world, three are chosen to go on a quest. A kindhearted human, a disgruntled elf, and a woman from earth. Their mission, to retrieve the Crystal of Fire from the far off Temple of evil majic. Their journey takes them across a pure world, but danger looms in the shadows. To survive they must overcome all obsticales, and getting along proves to be the most difficult challenge of all.

- Chapter one
- Chapter two
- Chapter three
- Chapter four
- Chapter five
- Chapter six
- Chapter seven
- Chapter eight
- Chapter nine
- Chapter ten
- Chapter eleven
- Chapter twelve
- Chapter thirteen
- Chapter fourteen
- Chapter fifteen
- Chapter sixteen
- Chapter seventeen
- Chapter eighteen
- Chapter nineteen
- Chapter twenty
- Epilogue