Information about the series, Gundam Wing.

What's a Gundam?

If you don't know here's some basic info. for you.

      Mobile suits are special mechanized suits that humans pilot to wage war. Gundams are very powerful versions of mobile suits and are created out of a special metal called Gundanium. Gundanium is the most powerful substance ever created with extreme fault tolerance. Mobile Suits made with this material are referred to as Gundams. The 5 main Gundams at the beginning of the GW series are Wing Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms, Gundam Deathscythe, Gundam Sandrock, and Shenlong Gundam. They are piloted by 5 male teenagers, and their names are Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Duo Maxwell, Quatre Raberba Winner, and Chang Wufei.