Information about the series, Gundam Wing.

Operation Meteor

      Code name: Operation M

      The true perpose of Operation Meteor is hinted at throughout the Gundam Wing series, but is not completely revealed until Endless Waltz. Brainchild of Barton Foundation leader, Dekim Barton, the true Operation Meteor was to cause hell on planet earth.
      The plan was horrific. They intended to drop an aging colony onto the earth. Such an impact would cause wide spread devastation to the planet, making it inhospitable. In the midst's of the anarchy following the impact, the 5 Gundams were to descend to earth and eliminate the remaining government. The Gundams had been designed to be used as tools of slaughter.
      The scientists that created the Gundams did not agree with the plan conceived by the Barton Foundation and secretly came up with their own agenda. They selected the pilots personally, giving them their own orders. Destroy the Organization of the Zodiac and peace would finally reign.
      In the end, Operation Meteor was never seen through, thanks to the scientists and the Gundam pilots.