Information about the series, Gundam Wing.


      Earth is plagued with wars while the colonies live in peace. The establishment of the "Earth Sphere Unified Alliance" was completed in the year After Colony 175. The alliance's army, known as "OZ", took control of the space colonies and crushed all oppositions with Mobile Suits. The wars ended. Peace seemed relevant but in actuality the alliance was just a front organization under the control of the Romefeller Foundation. The general public was unaware of the Romefeller Foundation's control.


      The year is After Colony 195. With twenty years of oppression rebels join and decide to obey the Earth Sphere Alliance no longer. With the help of the five scientists, who originally created the Mobile Suits, five powerful mobile suits were created known as "Gundams". Current soldiers could not handle the Gundams due to their advancements. Five children were adopted and given unique training to become the most power soldiers the earth and space colonies would ever see. With incredible fighting power and armor of Gundam they will reclaim peace and destroy the Earth Sphere Alliance.

Endless Waltz

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