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Ancient Clan

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Relina's Secret

      Vice Forien Minister Dorlin travels to the colonies again to discuss the Gundams. Relina accompinies her father, as does Lady Une. Under Treize's orders Lady Une plots to assasinate Dorlin. Disguiseing a bomb as a compact, she leaves outside of the door to the conference room. Relina discovers it and takes it to Une. With only seconds remaining before the blast Une hurls it through the window. It explodes killing everyone almost instantly. Relina runs to her fathers side. Une orders the soldiers after her. Rebels grab Relina and her dieing father and escape with them.
      As Dorlin lays dieing, he tells Relina his secret. That she is really the daughter of King Peacecraft of the fallen Sanq Kingdom.
      Heero and Duo go after the same target. After accomplishing their mission it looks s if the two will square off against each other. Heero fires a shot destroying a mobile suit behind Duo and claimes now they are even.
      Relina meets the mysterious Dr. J, the man who gives Heero his orders. He tells her Heero's mision is to fight Oz. He drops her at a spaceport and Relina heads for home.