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Information about the series, Gundam Wing.

The Victoria Nightmare

      At Victoria Base, Lieutenant Noin is training her soldiers in Taurus suits. Zechs heads to Victoria to speak with Noin. While he is there, Otto calls to inform him it will be at least another month before Tallgeese is ready, and that the suit is far more advanced than they had originally assumed.
      In the middle of the night, Wufei attacks Victoria Base. The pilots barracks explode. Noin is furious that the enemy attacked the soldiers and not the mobile suits. She takes command of the mobile suit troops and heads out after the enemy. She finds Wufei escaping on a dirt bike and fires at him. He is thrown from the bike and stands to surrender. Realizing that she is a woman and has underestimated him, Wufei blinds her with an explosion and continues his escape.
      Reinforcements arrive with the space laser as per Noin's orders, but Wufei has already reached his Gundam. Shenlong attacks and destroys the suits carrying the laser. Noin charges him, but he cripples her mobile suit as well. He then uses the space laser to destroy a carrier full of Aries suits trying to get away from Victoria. He turns on a furious Miss Noin. "Are you listening to me woman? Huh? You saw that I was just a kid and you underestimated me. You're a weak soldier. I don't fight bleeding hearts or women."
      Heero and Duo set to the task of repairing their Gundams. Heero refuses the help of Duo's mechanics and works through the night to fix his Gundam for a mission the following morning. A surprised Duo finds Heero took parts off of Deathsythe to fix his Gundam. He vows to get Heero back for his sabotage.
      The Alliance decides that the Gundams were sent by the colonies to start a war and agree to increase the presence of military force in outer space.
      Treize Kushranada orders Lady Une to eliminate Vice Foreign Minister Dorlin.
      Trowa spends a few peaceful moments with Quatre before heading off to another mission.
      Noin asks Zechs if she can go with him to become stronger. Zechs eagerly agrees to accept Noin at his side.