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Information about the series, Gundam Wing.

5 Gundams Confirmed

      Treize tells Zechs to go ahead and pursue the Gundams.
      Heero has been taken to an Alliance medical facility. He is under the care of an amazed Major Sally Poe . Relina arrives and tells Heero is her classmate.
      Duo breaks into the center to help Heero escape. After helping Heero get free of his bindings, the pair make a run for it. Duo blows a hole in the outer wall of the building and they jump. Duo uses a helicopter like device to descend safely, but Heero opens his parachute too late. He crash lands, alive, but with a broken leg. Duo helps him flee.
      Oz soldier Walker brings Zechs to see something he hopes can be of use to the Lut. The mobile suite Tallgeese. Built by Howard, Tallgeese is an immense machine, the prototype for all mobile suits. Zechs decides to take on the responsibility of protecting the relic.
      Corsica Base is attacked by Gundam Heavyarms. Alliance troops are easily defeated and the Specials move in on the Gundam. Just as Heavyarms exhausts its supply of bullets, Sandrock and the Maganac Corps arrive at Corsica and finish them off.
      Unsure if the other mobile suit is friend or foe, Heavyarms attacks Sandrock when Quatre is distracted by Zechs escaping shuttle. The two Gundams commence to fight, but only for a few moments. Quatre stops the fight and comes out onto Sandrock's hatch. "You and I shouldn't be fighting each other." Trowa also comes out of his Gundam and stops the fight.
      Duo brings Deathsythe and Wing Gundam back up to the surface. Heero resets his broken leg, much to Duo's disgust. He is once again in possession of his Gundam......