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The Gundam Deathscythe

      The Alliance begins their underwater search for the sunken Gundam, as does Zechs Marquise. The searching subs are attacked by an unknown enemy in the depths of the ocean.
      Heero sets off to realize his own plan, destroy Wing Gundam before it falls into the hands of the Alliance or Oz.
      Underwater, Deathsythe destroys what remains of the search party and Duo finds 01. He decides to take it for himself.
      Relina leaves her birthday party and heads for the military base to find Heero. She discovers him, about to launch underwater missiles. Heero pulls a gun on Relina, telling her that she's in over her head. Before Heero can pull the trigger, a shot rings out and a bullet hits Heero in the arm. Heero looks up and sees Duo. He goes for his gun again, again Duo fires, hitting him in the leg.
      Relina puts herself between Heero and Duo, forcing Duo to stop shooting. She wraps Heero's wounds. Moments later Deathsythe and Wing Gundam begin to surface. Heero makes a dash for the missiles dodging Duo's gunfire. He tells him that's it's his mobile suit and fires the missiles. The missiles hit the Gundams and they sink back into the depths of the ocean.