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Ancient Clan

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The shooting star she saw

      5 objects from 5 different colonies are sent to the earth. The earth's surveillance team reports this to Zechs Marquise who is in the earth's upper atmosphere. Zechs suspects Operation M has begun. He orders the crew to intercept the object descending to Eurasia.
      Vice Foreign Minister Dorlin and his daughter Relina are returning to earth in a civilian shuttle. They see the object enter the atmosphere. Dorlin also suspects that Operation Meteor has begun.
      Inside the capsule, the pilot decides he must shoot down the civilian shuttle. His mission must be kept a secret. As he moves to fire on the shuttle, his radar alerts him to an approaching Oz carrier. He targets that instead. The capsule breaks away and a plane like object emerges.
      Zechs orders the fighter shot down. He goes out after it in his Leo. Two soldiers follow him out in Aries suites. To their surprise the plane transforms into a mobile suite, Gundam 01. The Gundam shoots down both Aries suits in one blast from its rifle. Zechs moves in. He uses the Leo to hold the Gundam and bails out, sending the two mobile suits crashing into the ocean.
      The Dorlin's shuttle lands safely and the Vice Minister is escorted away to a meeting. Relina begins to make her own way home. Along the way she sees a body on the beach. Relina discovers the soldier is still alive and hurries to get help. The boy awakes on her return quickly throwing a hand over his face to hide himself. The ambulance arrives and the paramedics start to make their way toward the beach. The boy rushes them, kicking and punching them out of his way. He commandeers the ambulance and speeds away leaving a puzzled Relina to wonder who he was........
      Gundams begin their assault on Oz bases on earth. Deathsythe piloted by Duo Maxwell, Heavyarms piloted by Trowa Barton, Sandrock piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner, and Shenlong piloted by Chang Wufei make their destructive appearance.
      The soldier Relina discovered on the beach turns up as a new student in her class. Heero Yuy. Relina recognizes him, but plays ignorant. She gives him an invitation to her birthday party which he promptly tears in two. Shocked, Relina asks why. Heero wipes the tear from her eye and whispers to her, "I'll kill you".