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Affiliates and quick links

Ancient Clan - Our host! Join Ancient Clan and post as much as you want! Have fun and invite your friends! Talk about anime, gundam wing, dragon ball, sailor moon, and anything else you want!

Ancient Clan Forums - Come and join the Ancient Clan forums community!

Ancient Clan Archives - Forum Archives. If you're looking for a good read, look no further.

Wind Scar - Wind Scar features Inu Yasha character and weapon profiles, series and manga information, image gallery, fandom, humor, downloads, screen caps and email.

Ling HQ - Home of the Lings!

the gwg - One of our affiliates, the gwg offers a variety of gundam stuff found no were else.

Gundam Links and Fan Sites - Official Gundam web site.

Kiki's Little Temple of Love!! - A great site dedicated to Quatre.

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