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Whoo Hoo, here is the humor!


My Comments are in Italics, and the email follows the comments. For protection **** replace e-mail addresses, names or anything else. New emails are posted at the top.

I delete most messages like this but you can see the request that was attached. You must be the only person who actually wanted to be listed here.

your site it is cool .

        gay persident in2084
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Yes, and now you're in it!

I found your humor section! Its at

Well you can call me Sledgstone

Hello, You can call me Jim

I got this one a while ago. OK people I want you to realize I'm a webmaster, not TV Guide. Besides if I answered all the e-mails like this one I'd have no time for anything else.

I dont know much about gundams so can you send me some info. about whats happenning on the episodes. 6/14/00. All I know is thy were together and they broke up and know there fighting eachother?

Why did Bob Dole send me a pizza?

Hey there, I was hanging out in Tony's Pizza Town and now I'm cyber-hungry. So I thought we could split a virtual pizza. You can checkout all the fun stuff in Tony's Pizza Town at It's At ********************************** Enjoy! Your friend, BOB DOLE

Why don't people read the faq? Or ask some of these questions on the message board? I recieve these same questions at least 10 times a month.

How do you put the pictures in the random image displayer?? Where do you cache the images for you random image displayer?? Also, how do you make the pictures to thumbnail size??

If only compliments were this direct.

Dear Sledgsrone You need to upgrade everthing. Go to this website to get more pics and Mobliesuit.****************.html

Why did you want me to email you? Can't you find the wallpaper section?

Before I came in it said your site had wallpaper for my computer and 1 of my friends said he found some so e-mail me at ***************. I'll be leaving my grandpa's house and uploading my new e-mail address **************.

Maybe you should check the animated gifs section.

hi my name is ***** please could you give me or tell me were to get gundam wing gif

A comment or something would be nice

[Unable to display image]

This guy attached part of the Gundam Plus website to his email

stats on tallgees 1 2 3

I don't have any cartoons!

i like your cartoons am your biggest fan!!!!

I wonder if he found the attach button yet.

get more pics her are some[Unable to display image][Unable to display image][U nable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unab le to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image][Unable to display image]

Once again "me hungry"

Why whatch Gundam when you could watch this huh what now!!!!!???????!!!!!###$$%%^^&&**(())######<<>> ???><<>:"{}|+_)((*&&^%%#@!$(_)(*&^% $#@!!!!!!!!!#@ ^&*(+_)(*^%$#@+_)(*&^%$#}{":?><+_)(*&^%$#@!

He attached a picture: Picture 1

I got another one from "me hungry"

I like chicken I like butter I like things that are maid by FLUBBER!!!!!!!!

This was sent to me by "me hungry"

GundamWing Endless Waltz will come out on Toonami mon-fri starting mid-summer!!!!!!

Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Hi my name is ******** the email says it all