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The History of the Lings.

What the heck is a Ling???? Ling's are the talented, craetive people that shall take over the world.

The Story of the Lings

      Though Lings have been around since the dawn of time, but our story of Lings originates on the Ancient Clan message board.
      Ladywriter was an advocate of the fandom section, praising the writers and artists. She convinced Sledgestone to open a new forum, Wonderland, for everyones original art, writeing and music.
      A certain someone posted, locking up Ladywriter and her "underlings". Ladywriter did a ka me ha me ha blast and freed them from their prison jokeing, "I have lings?" Lady refused to call them her underlings claiming that she too was an underling of her favorite writers and artists. Thus she proclaimed that they should all be called Lings.
      Some people saw the Lings as a threat to mankind, proposing that the world could not survive without stupid people. They twisted the Lings ideals saying Lings would destroy the world. Thus, the Anti Lings were born.
      A war raged on AC between the Lings and Anti Lings, even giving rise to the short rebellion of the Renegades. The war came to climax XMas Eve 2000 in a great battle. The outcome still remaines a mystery as someone kept opening and closeing the topic -_-; so that it would appear that the Anti Lings were victorious.
      Soon after, the leaders of the two armies, Ladywriter and Quatre met in secret to discuss the war that was tearing the Ancient Clan apart. After they talked, Quatre announced that the war was over, that the Lings and Anti Lings would live under a flag of truce. So the Ancient Clan went back to being a peaceful place for Ling and Anti Ling alike. The war was archived to serve as a lesson to future generations......

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