Here is the FAQ. Please read this before contacting us.

  1. How did you make this site?
    I used notepad to make the layout and design, while I used Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash for all the graphics.

  2. Where did you get the animated gifs?
    I found them on the internet. Use them if you want but give credit to were you found them.

  3. I missed episode 34 or 48 of Gundam Wing can you describe it for me?
    NO. I will eventually have summaries up (I'm Lazy). When those are up read them. Until then don't ask.

  4. Can I send you information for your sites?
    Yes. Keep in mind I have most of the information I need for the sites I am making. The information you send should be something of value - ie. News, rare information, etc. Include sources.

  5. Can I send you pictures for your sites?
    CONTACT ME FIRST!! Do not send me entire picture galleries and expect to get credit. If the pictures are on the internet most likly I have seen them all. Every site has the same pictures, I use pictures suitable for the sites I run and preferably only pictures not often used. Any fan arts can be sent in and displayed.

  6. Can I send you anime or video game related fan art?
    YES. Send me whatever original artwork you have made, I'll find a home for it and give you credit.

  7. Why haven't you uploaded my fan art / fan fic?
    Either you did not follow the guidlines on the submit page or I might have forgot. Before you contact me ask yourself if you followed the guidlines. If you wrote a fan fic ask yourself a question... If you replaced all the names in the story with any other names would the plot be affected? I have read some fan fics that have had no actual plot but when I change the character's names to the peanuts gang the story became better. That type of story does not get posted at my sites. (Humor fics can bend the rules)

  8. Can I use or link to your files?
    NO. NO, No, no. All of the files located in my sites were created/or adapted by me for use on these sites. I'm trying to keep this site unique!! What's the point of making a site if it has the same material as everyone else? Just look at how many gundam wing sites have the same layout. WHAT'S THE POINT IN IT ???

  9. Can I link to your sites?
    Yes. Link to any of my sites as you see fit. Check the links page of any specific site for more information (banners, buttons, html code, etc.).

  10. Can you link to me?
    Yes. Go to the submit page on and follow the guidlines. Your link will be added to that directory. I chose the links for Death by Gundam from the selection listed in there.

  11. Why haven't you linked to me?
    I link to sites with content. If your site has less than 10 pages, don't count on it. If your site is new keep updating it!! and I will link to it.

  12. Could you send me the Java code you used for your random image? Can you send me the java code you used for your mouse over effect?
    NO. NO, No, no. I will not send anyone any type of Javascript. Go to Webmonkey or JavaFile or somewhere else and do a search. You'll find it easier there.

  13. Can I spam your e-mail with referral programs / ways to make money or anything like that?
    NO. NO, No, no. I delete e-mails of that nature immediately. So don't send them.

More Q and A will be added to this as needed.