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Ladywriter - FAN FICTION CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!
Fan fiction Contest!!!!

OK boys n girls here’s the deal. Death By Gundam is now having a little contest to challenge all of our terrific fan fiction writers. Winner gains access to DBG multimedia section, which features the Rhythm Emotion music video (ooooh n a bunch of other stuff! ^.^)
Contest Rules
The story must be between 1,000 and 5,000 words. Not to long… not too short.
It must include at least one of the following things….
1. a puppy poo on the floor
2. Scab on top of the head
3. 7-11
4. killing J Killner (the guy that screwed up Toonami)
5. Xena

I dare someone to do all of ‘em -lol- Good Luck! Can’t wait to read this stuff!

Send all fanfics as text or as an attachment. Send your fics to Ladywriter

Contest ends June 28, 2001