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Milliardo Peacecraft /
Zechs Merquise / The Lightning Baron

From The Sanq Kingdom, Earth
Ethnic Origin: European
Class: Gundam Pilot
Age: 19
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
MS: Tallgeese
MS: Gundam Epyon

      The Oz soldier Zechs Marquise is in truth Millardo Peacecraft. The prince of the fallen Sanq Kingdom, and the country's rightful heir to the thrown. When Millardo was just a child the tyranny of the Federation moved in on the Sanq Kingdom. The country actively promoted total pacifism, this made them a threat to the war hungry Alliance. The kingdom was invaded and laid to ruin. The royal family was murdered, all but Millardo and his young sister, Relina.
      Powerless to do anything to avenge his fallen kingdom on his own, Millardo joined the Special Forces and became a soldier. He hoped that by being inside of the Alliance, he would find a way to bring them down. Millardo proved to be a most talented soldier and his combative skills were beyond compare. He graduated at the top of his class from the academy, with Lucretzia Noin coming in at a close second.
      His style of piloting mobile suites earned him the nickname "Lightning Count, or Lightning Baron". He hides his face behind a mask, ashamed of his true identity. Zechs Marquise quickly moves up in the Special Forces ranks and inevitably becomes Oz's finest soldier.

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