Wufei in white outfit
Wufei in white outfit

Ancient Clan

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Information about the characters.

Chang Wufei   The Solitary Dragon

From the L5 colony cluster
Ethnic Origin: Chinese
Class: Gundam Pilot
Height: 456cm
Weight: 46kg
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
MS: Shen-Long Gundam Nataku
MS: Altron Gundam Nataku

      Wufei is the last of his clan. Proud warriors forced out of their homeland China. An aging colony came to be home... courtesy of the Federation that feared them.
      The customs of his people dictated that he marry at the age of 14. Merian was to be his bride. A descendent of a powerful clan , a clan of warriors. Neither was quite happy with this pre arranged marriage, but in time they became less hostile. Sadly Wufei's marital life was to be a short one.
      A squad of mobile suits assaulted the colony. Merian hurried to a suit to confront them. She was warned that she would not be able to handle piloting
      it because she was a woman. She quickly denounced being a woman and became "Nataku". Seeing the damage being done inside of the colony, she used herself as bait to draw the enemies fire outside. Wufei rushed to defend his wife in his own ms, but he was already too late. Merian died in Wufei's arms, sitting in the field of flowers she had fought to protect.
      Master O was working on a Gundam on the colony. Shenlong. Wufei was told by the council their plan. Operation Meteor. He argued vehemently against them. He vowed to take Shenlong to earth and destroy Oz himself.
      Wufei is a skilled fighter and a formidable mobile suit pilot. Wufei has a deep sense of honor and justice. He calls Shenlong Gundam, Nataku in honor of his departed.

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