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Information about the characters.

Trowa Barton

From the L3 colony cluster
Class: Gundam Pilot
Ethnic Origin: unknown
Age: between 15 and 17. It is unclear
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44kg
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Brown
MS: Gundam Heavyarms

      The Gundam pilot we know as Trowa Barton is not the "real" Trowa. The real Trowa was the son of Dekim Barton, head of the Barton Foundation. The Barton Foundation was to play a leading role in Operation Meteor.
      The Trowa we know went by the name of Nanashi, or no name. Separated from his family as an infant, Nanashi was found by mercenaries. He was raised up in the guerrilla army. It wasn't long before he was fighting beside them in a mobile suite. From the beginnings of his childhood, Nanashi was brought up to be a soldier.
      Some of the revolutionaries worked for the Barton Foundation constructing mobile suites for Operation Meteor. Nanashi was one of these mechanics. He worked with Doctor S in the construction of the Gundam Heavyarms.
      Nanashi was present when the "real" Trowa Barton was murdered. He stepped from the shadows and offered to take on Trowa's identity as his own. Nanashi said that he had become quite fond of the Heavyarms and that he would pilot it if Doctor S would allow it. With Trowa dead and no one to pilot the suite, Doctor S agreed. He hinted to the young man not to follow the orders of the Barton Foundation and let him take Heavyarms to earth.
      Trowa hides himself in a traveling circus troop, unaware that his real family was circus performers. Agile and fearless he blends right in. Trowa seems by far the quietist and most detached of the Gundam pilots, but beneath his cool facade lies a brilliant soldier.

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