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Relena Peacecraft

From The Sanq Kingdom, Earth
Ethnic Origin: European
Class: Leader of Sanq Kingdom
Age: 15
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond

      Relena is the princess of the fallen Sanq Kingdom. The royal family was deeply committed to total pacifism. The Federation saw their ideals as a threat and invaded the country. Her parents were murdered and the kingdom destroyed.
      Relena was spirited to safety by the man she knew as her father, Prime Minister Dorlin. The Dorlin's adopted Relena and raised her as their own child, never telling her her true identity out of fear the Alliance would hunt her down.
      She enjoyed the status of a privileged child, attending many of the finest schools. She often traveled with her parents, even to the colonies as Dorlin sought to bring peace between earth and space. It was his commitment to peace that would end Dorlin's life. He was targeted by Oz and assassinated. As he lay dying, he told Relena the secret that he had kept for so many years. She was the daughter of King Peacecraft of the Sanq Kingdom.
      When Relena discovers her true identity, she becomes Relena Peacecraft and returns to the Sanq Kingdom. Using the guide of the former monarchy, Relena restores the Sanq Kingdom to its pacifist nation status. Finding herself in direct opposition to Oz, Relena becomes a target herself.
      Much to her surprise she rediscovers her brother Millardo, but only to be put on opposite sides of the war.
      Relena holds firm to her beliefs in pacifism and demilitarization. She openly advocates peace in the parliament and even goes as far as to hide the Gundam pilots within the Sanq kingdom.

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