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Ancient Clan

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Information about the characters.

Lady Une

      Lady Une is two different women in one. Both are fiercely devoted to Treize Kushranada. A vicious commander and an excellent mobile suite pilot, Une is Treize most valuable secret weapon. Une is a decorated officer and highly respected, even feared by her underlings. Her other personality promotes peace and demilitarization. Treize sends Une to the colonies as a good will ambassador of Oz. The strain of split personalities drives Lady Une to the brink of insanity. Ultimately the two sides of Une become one, creating a compassionate and competent commander.

Lucretzia Noin

      A highhly decorated Oz commander, Noin is the Lake Victioria Military Academy's top two student of all time, only being surpassed by Zechs Marquise. After graduation Noin eventualy is assigned to Victioria Base where she trains her own soldiers in her specilty, piloting Tarus suits. Noin is confedant to Zechs. She knows his true identity and comes to take on the responsibility of protectong his younger sister, Relina. She resigns from Oz and becomes the captain of the Sanq Kingdom Royal Guard. Noin places a high value on human life. In the end her belifes put her at odds with Zechs. Rather then abandon him, she stays at his side for as long as she can. She loves Zechs dearly and never loses her faith in him. Noin is by far the most compassionate soldier Oz ever has

Dorothy Catalonia

      Dorothy is the grand daughter of the head of the Romefeller Foundation, Duke Dermail. Dermail sends her to the Sanq Kingdom under the guise of ambassador of the Romefeller Foundation. Dorothy comes to admire Relina, even though she seems to be obsessed with battle. She believes her father died a noble death fighting in battle. Dorothy makes her way to outer space and joins Millardo aboard Libra. Using an operating system very much like the Zero System, Dorothy controls the mobile dolls in battle. Dorothy is a highly intelligent girl, with the gift of being extremely persuasive.

Treize Kushranada

      Treize is the charismatic leader of Oz. Born into aristocracy, Treize easily acquires the patronization of the Romefeller Foundation. The Romefeller Foundation is made up of the leaders of the earth's monarchies. At the head of the Romefeller Foundation is Duke Dermail, Treize's ambitious and conniving uncle.
      Proving himself to be a most valiant soldier, Treize quickly moves up in the ranks. He is given command of the elite Special Forces.
      Seeing the folly of the Alliance Treize plots their downfall. He places soldiers of the Specials in every part of the oversized Alliance government. In a brilliant move, Treize uses the Gundams to his advantage. Gundam 01 takes out all of the Alliance pacifists in one blow. Operation Daybreak commences simultaneously. The Specials, Oz, seizes control of the Alliance. The Romefeller foundation takes over as government to earth and space.
      As Romefeller steps up production of mobile dolls, unmanned mobile suits, Treize becomes disillusioned claiming taking men out of war makes it meaningless. Romefeller confines Treize. Many Oz soldiers desert to form the Treize Faction.
      Treize's soldiers are fiercely loyal to him, no one more so then the dangerous Lady Une. Her love and devotion to Treize pushes her toward insanity causing her to develop split personalities. Treize is also the best friend to Zechs Marquise until their political beliefs put them on opposing sides of the war.
      Treize firmly beliefs war is about the soldier. He sees the beauty of man as they fight for their beliefs. Although Treize dies at the hands of Chang Wufei his legacy lives on in his daughter Mareimaia.

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