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Information about the characters.

Sally Poe

      Major in the Alliance, Sally is a medical doctor. When the Alliance falls and Oz takes control, Sally leaves the military. She joins the rebels and fights against Oz in China. She meets Wufei and asks him to join them in their fight. Sally searches for and finds the Gundams the pilots abandon on earth. Eventually Sally goes into outer space to join the fight against Oz. She sides with the Gundam pilots as they gather aboard Peacemillion. It is under her command that Peacemillion rams into Libra's main cannon, preventing Libra from firing on the earth.

Catherine Bloom

      Catherine is a war orphan. She was raised by the circus troop to which her parents belonged. Tragically, her younger brother Triton was separated from the family as a baby. Catherine is the circus knife thrower, and is an expert at it. She takes the mysterious Trowa Barton under her wing and cares for him while he suffers through his amnesia. Catherine abhors war and violence, but in the end asks Trowa to bring peace back to outer space.


      Howard is by far the most laid back of all the characters. Beneath his cool facade he hides a most brilliant mind. It was Howard that designed and built the very first mobile suit, the Tallgeese. From his design, all other mobile suits, including the Gundams, were created. Howard was also in on the creation of the mammoth space ship Peacemillion. On earth Howard spends his time seaside, assisting Duo in repairing Deathsythe. It is Howard who brings Zechs to space to fight for the colonies. Howard is also the one who rams Peacemillion into Libra.

The Maganac Corps

      Lead by Rasid, the Maganac's are their own independent army. A group of 40 they are loyal to Quatre Raberba Winner. They fight for independence from Oz/ Romefeller. They seem to have a talent for arriving just in time to bail the Gundam pilots out of a losing situation. They provide Quatre with the resources he needs to repair and maintain Gundam Sandrock. They often play an important role in battles, turning the tides in favor of the Gundam pilots.

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