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Heero Yuy

From the L1 colony cluster
Ethnic Origin: Japanese
Class: Gundam Pilot
Age: 15
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kg
Eyes: Prussian Blue
Hair: Brown
MS: Wing Gundam
MS: Wing Gundam Zero

      Heero was first raised by Odin Lowe, an assassin who formerly worked for the Barton Foundation. In AC 188 Odin dies, leaving a young Heero on his own. Though Heero wishes to save Odin, it was too late. Odin's dying words to the boy were "All these years spent with you weren't so bad" It seems Odin regarded Heero as his son.
      After Odin's death Heero was taken under the wing of scientist Dr. J, the creator of Gundan 01, Wing Gundam. Under his tutelage Heero becomes a ruthless and competent soldier. Skilled in the arts of fighting, mobile suite piloting, computer hacking, and espionage, the boy is given the code name Heero Yuy (after the martyred colony leader)
      Heero follows the orders of Dr. J. His mission, destroy the Oz organization.
      Though Heero may seem emotionless, not all sense of compassion and regret has been drilled out of him. Above all else Heero is a true soldier. His bravery and dedication to his mission are often mistaken as apathy and insanity.

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