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Duo Maxwell   The God of Death   Shinigami

From the L2 colony cluster
Ethnic Origin: American
Class: Gundam Pilot
Height: 156cm
Weight: 43kg
Eyes: Cobalt Blue
Hair: brown. Trademark yard long braid.
MS: Gundam Deathscythe
MS: Gundam Deathscythe Hell

      Presumably Duo is a war orphan. He never recalls having any biological family and his origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery.
      When Duo is about 7 years old, he is taken in by a boy named Solo, the leader of a group of orphans. At this time, a lethal plague swept through the colony. The Federation discovered a vaccine, but saw no reason to distribute it to the poor and homeless. Duo took it upon himself to break into the base and steal enough vaccine for everyone...but himself. Unfortunately, it was too late to save Solo. As the older boy lay dying, he told Duo that he would always be with him. Up until this time Duo had no name. Now, feeling as though Solo were a part of him, he named himself Duo.
      Soon enough Duo took over as the leader of a group of orphans. They survived by stealing food out of the vendor's stalls, until one day they snuck into an Federation base. They were caught and given no choice. The children were taken in by Maxwell Church.
      The other children were placed in permanent homes, but not eight year old Duo. He was repeatedly sent back to the church for causing trouble in these homes. Duo came to love Father Maxwell and Sister Helen(the one gave Duo his trademark braid)and they loved the boy in return. It was a happy time ... until rebel troops decided to use the church as a base. In a desperate attempt to make the soldiers leave, Duo went and stole a mobile suite. Upon returning to the church, Duo found it in ruin, and Sister Helen lay dying. Again, a loved one died in Duo's arms. The attack on the church went down in history as "The Maxwell Church Tragedy".
      From there Duo wandered. Eventually he was discovered by Professor G. when he stowed away on his spaceship. Duo participated in the creation of Deathscythe, and even tried to destroy it when he found out the true purpose of Operation Meteor. Professor G. suggest to Duo that rather than destroy it, why not steal it and carry out Operation M as he saw fit. "Go as God of Death of course"
      Duo did just that. Though a happy and spirited youth, Duo takes on a whole different personality in battle. He is revered by his enemies as the self proclaimed Shinigami.... The God of Death.

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